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An Asistant To Colorblinds

WhatColor v5.00e - A Must For ColorBlinds Using PC.
- Helps Colorblinds to use PC without difficulties caused by colors -

*You now know the color of any part of the screen

*You can talk about the screen

*You can write manuals using color names

*What is "WhatColor"?

WhatColor identifies a color of the pixel on the screen of your PC. There are some similar tools to display RGB values to assist making HTML used in authoring WWW pages. WhatColor is different. It tells you not only RGB values, but also the name of the color of the point.

You would say, "Seeing the screen, it's easy to know the name of the color, isn't it?". No, it's not easy for color-blind people to know how other people call the color of characters, lines or background on the PC screen. This software is designed for those people with partial or total color blindness. I am one of those people, so I made this one.

WhatColor displays the magnified area around the mouse cursor for the user to easily choose a pixel to inspect its color. This feature may useful not only to colorblinds, but also to aged people who have difficulties in viewing small characters.

WhatColor is useful in using software with various colors, in developing software, in instructing usage of a PC or software to other people, as well as in writing your Web pages.



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*Optional Color Definition

Download the fie below and save.
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French Definition by Thomas Lagrange
Open Preferences form Setting menu and choose Color tab.
Browse and open the file below.
Choose FRHTML from Color Set list.

*Frequently Asked Questions

*User's Comments

*Quick Setup

Simply double click the downloaded file.


WhatColor is freeware as of November 19, 2017. Registration is not needed.
No refund for the registration fee payed so far.

Author: Hikaru Nakahara